Founding Principles

Reaching out for help is not a sign of weakness.

There is no one-sized fits all approach to mental health recovery.

Community-based programs can offer timely, quality mental health care.

Peer Support

The best person to talk to a veteran is another veteran. Reach out and connect with someone that 'gets' it. Family members can also find comfort in connecting with other military families.


Counseling can offer additional tools to process trauma, improve mental health, develop new coping skills, or address the impact on the veteran or family member's lives.

Transition assistance

Veterans face countless barriers after their service, and this can be difficult to navigate alone. Support is available for the veteran and their loved ones.

Education & Outreach

Confronting common myths about veterans. Raising awareness about mental health and suicide prevention. Reducing stigma for getting help.

Pre-crisis stabilization

Advocating for early interventions.


SAVE VETS is passionate about networking and providing vetted referrals.